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Welcome to Limitless Expansion Clinic, Fremantle WA

Limitless Expansion Clinic is a space created in Fremantle which offers the opportunity for relaxation, regeneration and restoration of health and vitality. with a focus on cellular health, embodiment and integration as well as community.

Come into Limitless Expansion Clinic to explore these amazing healing technologies with a complimentary introductory session.*

Kinesiology incorporates a wide range of techniques that are used to identify with stresses, emotional and spiritual problems that many of us experience in our modern society. Fears, phobias, anxiety, depression and trauma have undoubtedly impacted upon all of us at some time and kinesiology can get to the root cause of these issues bringing not only relief but empowerment and a new perspective on life.

Paula, the founder and practitioner at Limitless Kinesiology in Perth has a passion and a sole commitment which is to help individuals unburden themselves from experiences which linger within the body, in the cells and DNA. 

The basic principles of Kinesiology bring together ancient eastern medical practice with the more contemporary technique of muscle monitoring that when utilised in conjunction give an insight into the relationship between the muscular and neurological systems and energy fields and thus identifies physical, emotional and mental blocks that can impact growth and healing in these areas.

Kinesiology sessions are calming, soothing and non-invasive and whilst multiple sessions may be required for a full effect, patients can often experience the first benefits immediately – dependant on individual circumstances. However, you can be assured that with her extensive experience and almost limitless number of treatment options available, Paula will accurately identify the optimum treatment for you.

Practicing the holistic approach of forensic healing and holographic kinetics in her Perth based clinic, Paula can release trapped negative energy which allows a feeling of integration and wholeness. These trapped energies impact our lives and are often express in repeating patterns of relationship and financial difficulties, low self-esteem and a general malaise where life seems to have no direction.

Limitless Kinesiology also provide very specific therapies and treatments, all with a proven track record of delivering significant benefits; for example, you may avail yourself of red-light therapy or Biocharger in their Perth clinic, both of which use natural energies to revitalise and refresh at the cellular level. Or perhaps you are looking for an ionic foot detox in Perth, where toxins are removed from the body via the feet by the use of electrolysis – or an opportunity to undertake exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) in Perth, that saturates your cells with oxygen promoting healing and growth? And should you be suffering with pain or poor circulation Paula may recommend treatment that combines negative ion therapy with infrared light and the well-recognised healing power of amethyst with the Richway Far Infrared and Amethyst Biomat which is available at her Perth location.

Bringing a state of homeostasis, which in this context refers to a dynamic self-regulating process where your body can maintain internal stability and wellness whilst constantly adjusting to external influences, is the ultimate goal and whether you seek the restorative power of intuitive healing in Perth or feel you would benefit from Biohacks in Perth, do not hesitate to contact Paula at Limitless Kinesiology.



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