Limitless Expansion Clinic

Groups & Workshops

Community & Connection

Limitless Expansion Clinic is a community based incentive that seeks to create a space in which people may come for physical mental and emotional support. We are in turbulent and unprecedented times on this planet. In fact ,the only way through these times is to come together, and share our experience to feel safe and supported. At Limitless Expansion Clinic we offer various courses and group events such as meditation as away to develop community.

Connection Circles

Friday mornings are our sharing circles or community and alignment meetings as we call them. These circles have become invaluable to myself and many others, as a space to be ourselves free from judgement and expectations. It is a lovely way to connect with others on a similar journey.


At the Limitless Expansion Clinic we believe learning and growth is expansion!

We love nothing more than coming together with others to co create and expand and grow! We are constantly seeking to educate and connect to our own innate wisdom on the important matters, topics including energy and expansion, what is energy, what is an energy field, what is embodiment, how to manage our energy field, breathwork, sound healing, group mediations and so much more. Stay informed to see what is going on.

Community Mornings

Saturday mornings are for community coming together in which we try various modalities from different practitioners, such as Kinesiology massage, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology,., it is a unique opportunity to come together in a fun, relaxed and casual atmosphere for community and connection and a bit of self care and nurturing