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Massage in Fremantle

Remedial, deep tissue, swedish, relaxation, reflexology and intuitive massage in Fremantle

Massage increases blood flow to targeted muscles, speeds up the delivery of nutrients and removes waste from muscle. We all know of the physical benefits of massage but did you know massages affects on mental emotional and spiritual levels?

Release trapped emotions through massage

Emotions are designed to move through the body E- motion, energy in motion. Emotions that we do not process and release become trapped in the tissues where they can end up causing pain, decreasing range of movement and other illnesses. Because we perceive negative emotions as hurt we try to avoid them and instead suppress those parts of ourselves. Massage can bring about major emotional releases of negative emotions that have been stored in the body for years.
Not only that, massage allows us to enter a state of presence, se we are not stuck in the past or worrying about the future. A massage is a very special and sacred time for our whole being to restore and rejuvenate allowing the gentle processes of presence, embodiment and integration to become our natural states again.
Looking for massage in Fremantle? 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute sessions available.