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Oxygen Therapy

We use the EWOT system, Exercising with Oxygen Therapy in which we breathe in high levels of oxygen during exercise,  increasing the oxygen uptake to all of our body cells. EWOT utilises low flow face masks to oxygen generators which produces 94% oxygen.
The exercise may increase oxygen circulation at a more rapid pace to oxygenate blood in body, thereby may be beneficial in assisting the treatment of inflammation, increasing energy, mental clarity and maintaining health and well being.



Oxygen is vital to all aspects of our bodily functions! Normally we breathe only a few times a minute and each breath is only about 500ml in volume. Air has 21% oxygen and it is thought that only 5% of air goes from our lungs into our blood. By using the EWOT system exercising and breathing in 94% oxygen, the increased blood flow and high percentage of oxygen allow a greater uptake of oxygen by the body. This in turn may be beneficial for many aspects of cellular health and well being!


Oxygen Therapy Fremantle Western Australia | Limitless Expansion Clinic

EWOT sessions are 15 minutes long

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