Limitless Expansion Clinic

Perth Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic medicine that uses gentle muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well being. Kinesiology can identify and release any potential stresses or blocks preventing you from health, wellness and vitality.

Perth Kinesiology combines ancient eastern science and western muscle monitoring that facilitates the bodies innate intelligence to bring back into alignment and wholeness. Kinesiology addresses the root cause of an issue and through this modality profound changes may be experienced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

What to expect in a Perth Kinesiology session

The sessions generally last 1 ½ hours and may require just a few sessions or a more intensive long lasting program, generally with a space of 1-2 weeks between treatments.

You may experience results immediately as many do, or over the course of several sessions. Most people experience a sense of release and relaxation during the session, giving them a point of reference for how they can truly feel and what is actually their natural state, away from limitations, blocks and programming.

Holographic Kinetics

Dreamtime healing with Holographic Kinetics clears trauma. Hk is one of the most advanced, unique and invaluable healing techniques I have discovered. It is based on an ancient understanding of LORE.

Lore is all universal laws that govern creation and the knowledge that everything in nature is alive and connected and can be communicated with. Difficult past experiences in the forms of thoughts and emotions become trapped in a persons body and energy fields and create their own realities. This is based on the idea that a thought form becomes a life form and becomes its own reality

Forensic Healing is an award winning natural healing modality that combines science and intuition to unlock pain, stress or trauma that resides deep within the body. It is called forensic healing because of the structured approach to identify the root cause of a clients condition using who what when where and why.

Forensic healing is like being an energy detective to identify trauma, stresses, energetic damage, beliefs , conditioning that have become trapped in the body.

Homeostasis is a dynamic process by which regulates all of your body systems in order that you can survive and function at an optimal levelly of health and vitality. Many people however find it difficult to create homeostasis and are merely surviving, functioning well below their optimum, and when the signs of this are obvious, seek medical help. 

At Limitless Expansion Clinic, Perth, we provide a holistic approach to healing, which simply means we treat the body as a whole, encompassing all facets – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. At our clinic, we offer a range of services that facilitates regeneration and restoration of the person as a whole and integrated being. 

In particular, we are one of the few who practice Holographic Kinetics in Perth; this innovative, exciting and efficient practice is based on Natural Lore and the understanding that all life forms are connected and can be communicated with, and that past trauma can be captured within the body as negative energy that can have a significant negative effect on our well-being until it is effectively released. 

Also, highly effective intreating trauma locked within the body is Forensic Healing, a practice that investigates, examines and treats the root cause or cause of a problem. If you would like to undertake Forensic Healing in Perth or other branches of Kinesiology in Perth, don’t delay in contacting us at Limitless Expansion Clinic.