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If I had to use one word to describe what I do as a practioner and what occurs at the Limitless Expansion Clinic it would be EMBODIMENT. ALL of the therapies I utilise and practise are about bringing more of ourselves into this reality so that we may embody our true self.

The kinesiology, forensic healing, holographic kinetics, red light therapy, oxygen therapy, crystal beds, tesla coils, the bodywork, massage and  meditation it is all about EMBODIMENT. In order to understand and look clearly at what embodiment is, it is important  to realise what it is NOT:

– running on auto pilot, disassociated

– unable to focus, easily distracted

– stressed depressed tired 

– not breathing properly

– stuck in the past or the future, living in our head

– not truly being in the moment, being present

– experiencing pain in our bodies and dis-ease

– emotional regularisation, easily triggered

– exhausted, anxious

– lowered immunity

By definition when we are embodied we are “in- body”. We are present. We are in the moment. We are here in the now. Present. Here. Now. Whole. Integrated. Grounded. Notice how it feels just to say these words. Breathe. This is our natural state.

Embodiment is an integration of body, mind and spirit, a state of presence, which with each step there is an awareness, from moment to moment to moment. Of our senses, our physicality, our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, our energies, the spaces around us, the reality we inhabit, the breath.

It allows us to feel. We have greater insight and  clarity. There is a grace and ease to life, a trust in the flow of life. Magic happens, sychronicities occur. There is space and expansiveness within us and all around us. We become our own magicians and alchemists weaving our essence all around us. Life becomes an adventure and the earth our embodied playground.

There is acceptance of where we have been and an excitement of what lies ahead, ready to face life’s experiences with gusto and enthusiasm. Life becomes about creation and any given moment becomes alive. We feel our feet firmly on the earth, our bottom solid in our chairs, we descend down and into our authentic self to feel safe, secure and certain of ourselves and our movements.

In essence this is my practise and this is what occurs here. I know it can feel a little out of reach at times but it is possible. If you feel like you would like to draw more of this into your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat and consultation

Thanks Paula

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