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Germanium Power Pad 187


This NEW updated model of Richway & Fuji Bio’s BIOACOUSTIC MAT no longer requires air. Since November 2019 this new model has a 3d Spacer Fabric used for cushioning, and allows for heat and moisture to pass through easily making it ideal to use with the Biomat.

Protect your Biomat

This waterproof cover is made with 100% cotton and germanium. Germanium is similar to silicon and share many similar properties. The Germanium Power Pad 187 is sweat resistant and bacteria resistant and helps protect your Biomat from moisture and odours.

When heat is applied to germanium oxide (Ge02), a large amount of germanium’s radiant heat and far-infrared rays are emitted. This generates ion particles of inorganic germanium. This pharmacological action is excellent for the body.  Particularly, the ion particles of inorganic germanium promote oxygen supply to cells and compensate for oxygen deficiency. These ion particles also aid in purification and circulation of blood by reaching into the capillaries and moving electrons in the blood.

In addition, it discharges the flow of excess electrons to avoid various pains, promote metabolism and bioactivation, and strengthen the body’s natural healing power. Inorganic germanium acts pharmacologically in the body up to 24 to 48 hours, after which time it is completely excreted in the form of sweat and urine. Toxins, heavy metals and wastes from the body are carried out through these processes.

When the Germanium Pad 187 is placed over the Biomat and the Biomat’s heat is applied, amplified infrared rays and elevated negative ions are absorbed into the body. This makes these two elements of the Biomat even more productive!

The waterproof cover is fitted over the cotton cover which comes with the Biomat.


Mini Germanium Power Pad 187                            52.07cm x 86.36cm
Professional Germanium Power Pad 187        72.39cm x 182.88cm
Single Germanium Power Pad 187                   101.60cm x 200.66cm
Queen Germanium Power Pad 187                  142.24cm x 200.66cm
King Germanium Power Pad 187                      187.96cm x 203.20cm


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